UPC Retail Barcode Packages

UPC Barcode Packages can be ordered below

These are good for use on all retail products (with the exception of books and magazines). UPC barcodes are most commonly used in North America, although they can technically be used elsewhere as well, we recommend using the most common type of barcode for where you are predominantly selling. Please see the differences between EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcodes here.

You can buy EAN-13 Barcode packages here.

If you buy a UPC Barcode package you will receive:

1. A globally unique UPC-A barcode number

2. Barcode images in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, svg & pdf)

3. A Guarantee Certificate – Guaranteeing you as the only legal owner of the barcode

4. Barcode Registration – an optional additional service to increase the internet profile of your product.


  • UPC Retail Barcode Packages

    Your UPC barcode will be emailed to you automatically straight away. You will receive your barcode number with the images as attached files, instructions for barcode registration, and a PDF certificate of ownership.

    QuantityPrice per Barcode (HKD)
    1$ 325 HK$
    2$ 300 HK$ each
    3$ 275 HK$ each
    4$ 250 HK$ each
    5 +$ 225 HK$ each
    10 +$ 200 HK$ each
    20 +$ 175 HK$ each
    30 +$ 150 HK$ each
    40 +$ 125 HK$ each
    50 +$ 110 HK$ each
    75 +$ 80 HK$ each
    100 +$ 70 HK$ $60.50 HK$ each
    150 +Please contact us.
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Please see our Barcode speficiations page, and how to use your barcode. Contact us if you have any issues with this.