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Barcode Reseller


Barcode resellers purchase barcodes that were formerly sold by the uniform code council in bulk. They then onsell these numbers to individuals for use on product. These numbers have been proven in court to be outside of GS1’s control, hence, they can be sold for a one-off cost (no license fees etc).


Most resellers can be trusted to provide you with legitimate legal barcodes. However, like with most things there are some people who want to make quick money by selling illegitimate barcodes. Watch out for companies selling ridiculously cheap barcodes that haven’t been around for long. These companies are usually difficult to contact and cannot provide a good chain of evidence linking them as the owners of the barcodes. Often the barcodes they sell are illegitimate and can create legal and financial problems is people take legal action, or you need to reprint your product with a new barcode number on it. It is much cheaper to go through a reputable reseller and guarantee that you won’t need to reprint and there won’t be legal problems associated with your barcode.


Barcodes can be purchased here. Alternatively you can contact us with any questions you if they are not already answered in our FAQ.



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