Barcode Packages

Here you can purchase our different barcode packages. These include everything you need to get started with your barcodes – the barcode numbers, barcode images (4 different formats), a guarantee certificate and a request for barcode registration information.

Information on how to use your barcode can be seen on our How to use your barcode page.

Standard Barcode packages – These are barcodes for all retail products (apart from books and magazines)

UPC Barcode Packages – UPC barcodes are most commonly used in the USA and Canada.

CD Barcode Packages – These are EAN-13 barcodes for your CD.

DVD Barcode packages – Here you can buy barcodes for your DVD.


“This is a great service at a fraction of the normal cost of setting barcodes up, and even better there’s no yearly fees involved.” Trevor W.

“What a lightning-quick response! Thank you!” Rachel T.