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Avoid GS1’s Annual Fees

Often people come to us astonished by how much they are expected to pay in GS1 fees just to have a barcode on their products (often this is hundreds of dollars a year for only one or two products).

We regularly have conversation like this where people have spent years paying these unnecessary fees. “I’ve been a member of GS1 for a 15 years. I just got the annual bill from them and was horrified – another huge amount of money out of my pocket into theirs – and for what? I’ve just realised that I’ve paid over 10 grand to GS1 in fees to them. How can I get out of their system?  What can you offer me?” – Ed 

We offer a proven alternative to GS1 fees, by offering legal and reputable barcode numbers for retail use. These numbers come from the same GS1 system and in exactly the same way as GS1 barcodes. Hence to change to our barcodes and begin saving $$ it is usually a fairly straight forward process of buying barcode from us, and incorporating them into the packaging of your new print run.

Barcodes can be purchase here. Or you can contact us with any questions.


“Through another company, we were previously a subscriber for EAN barcodes. As a small producer and marketer of tropical fruits, the $600+ USD every year was a major impost, along with all the other legislative compliance we were required to meet. However, what really irked was the confusion that arose every time we wanted to introduce another barcode. Even though we supposedly had thousands allocated to us, how to get one printed on a label was a machivalean process. The service you provide – one barcode, one price, delivered tomorrow – is the way we like to do business. GS1 might work for international conglomerates, but it confused heck out of us.” Keith N.