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Barcodes Hong Kong is unique because we arrange accredited verification reports for the barcode numbers we sell. No other bar code reseller does that. Consequently, our barcodes are accepted in more retail stores than those of any other barcode reseller in the world.

We offer an optional registration service for all barcodes purchased from us (we can register your barcode number and product on the major international barcode and product databases).

Bothered by Barcodes? We used to be too…

We love helping people and clarifying country-specific barcode rules. Please contact us with your queries. David Allis, Director

Some years ago we were battling to obtain an affordable barcode for an exciting new item we were planning to launch on the market. Sellers told us we would have to join an organisation of global standards (this was expensive) as well as pay the pricey annual “membership” fees. We were also told that we couldn’t just buy one barcode number, we were forced to purchase in bulk: 100 barcodes or more. This made no sense, when we just wanted a single code for a single product! We also were not at all keen to commit to ongoing costs.

Our situation inspired us to form Barcodes Hong Kong (Barcodes Limited). We help other businesses to cut through the unnecessary administration, inconvenience and costs to obtain affordable barcodes with a one time payment.

With a number from Barcodes Hong Kong you benefit with:

A price you can afford

Barcodes Hong King numbers are fairly priced and we do not ask you to pay “joining” or any other ongoing fees.

Internationally desirable EAN-13 numbers

Our barcode numbers come in EAN-13 format (but if you like, we can provide the alternative UPC-A format). The 13-digit EAN style is the most widely used for retail barcodes in Hong Kong and worldwide.

A helpful verification service

Many retailers won’t accept merchandise without the matching bar codes being verified. Verification means the number has been test read by a scanner to check that it works properly. If you want this verification report for your printed barcode, we shall provide one.

Prompt processing

Our automated system delivers retail barcode numbers to you (with images) within seconds. This means you no longer have to wait for the processing you no longer have to wait for the processing of your barcode order.
Other orders are processed manually as fast as possible. We appreciate that you have deadlines and we try to accommodate you by attending to your order immediately. Manual processing of most clients’ orders happens within 2 – 12 hours. The longest you might have to wait is 24 hours (including Saturdays and Sundays).

Friendly service

Your satisfaction matters to us and we go out of our way to help.  Read some of our recent customer feedback.

Guaranteed codes, legal and authentic

Because we are a legal and registered company, we can offer you a certificate of authenticity with the numbers you buy from us.

Permanent bar code ownership

The number you buy is permanently yours. As its owner, you are the only person worldwide who may legally use it.

An optional registration service at no cost

It is useful to have your bar code & merchandise properly registered on the appropriate international databases. We can do this for you if you wish. Read about our registration service and decide if you’d like us to do this for you.

* Our barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide because we can provide independently accredited Verification Reports (some retailers require Verification Reports – official test scans – of all barcodes entering their stores).

Comments from HK Barcode Customers

“Fast and nice service.” Alvin at

“Thanks, great service!” Patrizia L.

“You made things very easy to understand for a novice to barcodes. Replied immediately to email. Couldn’t be happier. Thankyou.” Col

“I think they offer an outstanding and cost effective product with information and turn around times of the highest order. Easy to deal with. Never had an issue with their product.” Anita

“Thank you so much for this – what a great service. I’m pulling this project together on my own as an independent artist, and I’m always asked for advice by other artists. I’ll be directing them to your site. Many thanks again for being so prompt, efficient and personal.” Anthony T.

“That is quite magnificent service. Thank you very much indeed. ” Robin G.

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