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Established in 2007, with a reach extending across 120+ countries.

A Global Footprint in Barcode Solutions: Proudly standing behind the issuance of over 1 million barcodes worldwide, crafted for universal application and seamless integration.

Barcodes Demystified: With 16+ years of unwavering commitment, we’ve been at the forefront, simplifying the complex world of barcodes and QR codes for a diverse clientele, from thriving international corporations to emerging local Irish startups.

A Customer-First Philosophy: Rooted in a deep understanding of the intricate international barcode arena, we pledge to offer you clarity, convenience, and steadfast reliability in our services. Our transparent approach means we’ll be upfront, offering honest guidance even when your queries fall beyond our reach.

Why Buy From Us

One Off Payment

Pay Once – No Ongoing Fees
Immediate Delivery

Immediately Emailed to You
Certiified EAN

Certified Barcodes
use immediately

Checked Before Sale
Barcode One Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop
Free Registration included

Free International Registration
Difference to GS1

Industry Expert
Quality barcodes

Verification Reports
Excellent Customer Service

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Why choose Barcodes Hong Kong

    1. Affordable and transparent services:
      • High-quality barcodes at cost-effective rates.
      • Clear pricing with no hidden fees, joining charges, or annual costs.
      • Make one-off payments and own your barcodes for life.
    2. Quality and speed:
      • Trustworthy certified barcodes.
      • Immediate deliveries and rapid order processing.
      • Receive high-quality barcode images directly via email.
    3. Comprehensive services:
      • A one-stop shop for all barcode needs, from carton codes to QR codes.
      • Complimentary product registration on the internet database.
    4. Global and legitimate operations:
      • Part of the globally accepted International Barcodes Network.
      • Legal barcodes for use worldwide, backed by a registered company with verifiable credentials.
    5. Dedicated service and social responsibility:

What you should know before you buy barcodes

Key Points
(see details below)
International Barcode Network
(that’s us)
Other Barcode
Membership Organisations
Standard retail barcode numbers Yes Yes Yes
Barcodes can be used worldwide Yes Yes Yes
No membership forms Yes Yes No
No joining fee Yes Yes No
No annual fees (one-off cost) Yes Yes No
Affordable Yes Yes No
Legal Yes Question Mark? Yes
Guaranteed unique numbers Yes Question Mark? Yes
Understand the Hong Kong market Yes Question Mark? Yes
Part of International Barcodes Network Yes No No
Can arrange verification reports
(opens the door to more retailers)
Yes No Yes
Can supply Global Location Numbers (GLN’s) Yes No Yes
Check all barcode numbers for illegal use on the internet Yes No No
Manually process all orders to ensure accuracy Yes Question Mark? No
Provide barcode images Yes No No
Custom barcode image size & resolution (just tell us the image size and resolution you need – up to 2540dpi) Yes No No
Supply Unique Company Prefix (for barcodes purchased in multiples of 10, 100 or 1000) Yes No Yes
Fast service Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Customer commitment Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Friendly customer service Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
International (More than 120+ countries) Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Experience (more than 10 years experience with barcodes) Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Easy to contact Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Accurate advice (we tell it like it is) Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Will register your products and barcodes Yes No No
Charitable (all profits go to charity) Yes No No
One-stop-shop (We can supply everything required for barcodes (including labels, GLN’s, images and more) Yes No No


STANDARD Retail Barcode Numbers – EAN-13 (or UPC-A) format barcode numbers, suitable for all retail products in Hong Kong & worldwide.

WORLDWIDE – EAN-13 (or UPC-A) Barcode numbers that can be used anywhere in the world

NO MEMBERSHIP FORMS – You won’t need to fill in any membership forms. Getting a barcode is easy – just order from our website & then wait for your barcode to arrive by email.

NO ANNUAL FEES – You will not have to pay any joining fee or annual fees. All of our prices are one-off, and you will own your barcode for life.

AFFORDABLE – Our EAN-13 barcodes are available for very affordable prices

LEGAL – The barcodes you receive will be completely legal and authentic for use in Hong Kong (or worldwide). We are a legally registered company with an office in New Zealand (see us on the NZ Government Companies Office website here or view our Certificate of Incorporation).

HONG KONG – We understand the Hong Kong market. Therefore, we can give you good advice about how to get barcodes for your products.

INTERNATIONAL BARCODES NETWORK – Part of a network of international barcode suppliers. Members focus on supplying barcodes within a specific country so they are best able to understand the specific barcoding requirements in that country and provide prompt local-language barcoding advice and service. Members have access to resources to help ensure that their barcodes are accepted by more retailers in each country. This means that barcodes purchased from our members are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other barcode reseller. Visit the International Barcodes Network here.

VERIFICATION REPORTS – We can provide ISO Standard verification reports if you need them (some retailers require verification). Verification is an official test scan of your barcode to ensure that it scans well.

CHECKING OF BARCODE NUMBERS – To help protect our customers, we check all barcode numbers for illegal use online before issuing them (as there is some ongoing illegal use of barcode numbers on the internet).

BARCODE IMAGES – We provide free barcode images. Our barcode images are very high resolution and come in several different formats.

FAST SERVICE – We are very quick at processing barcode orders (our usual turn-around time is between 2 – 12 hours, and almost always within 24 hours). Contact us if you need your barcodes urgently.

CUSTOMER COMMITMENT– We have been in business for over 10 years, and customer satisfaction is very important to us. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Hong Kong & around the world (read some of our Customer Testimonials).

FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our team is always ready to offer a friendly service. We are happy to help you with any queries you have.

CONTACT – We are easy to contact. You can contact us by email, phone, or live chat (on our website).

ACCURATE ADVICE – We will give you all the information you need & provide you with honest advice. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you. We want our customers to be satisfied.

BARCODE REGISTRATION – We offer an optional barcode registration service where we can register your barcode & product in the major internet databases.

CHARITABLE – Our business is owned by a Charity (Better World Initiative). Therefore, ALL profits support charitable purposes worldwide. So – if you buy from us, you are helping make the world better.

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