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Barcodes are changing. By 2027, HK retailers are expected to have the capability to scan 2D barcodes at their checkouts. This is a move away from the conventional linear EAN or UPC barcodes we have been scanning since the 1970s.

Transitioning is easy. Our sister company, IBN Link, can swiftly generate your 2D barcodes. The only thing needed is the barcode number (EAN or UPC) already assigned to your product. This number, also known as the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), is crucial as it’s embedded within the 2D barcode. Watch our concise video explainer for an in-depth understanding of GTIN.

If your product does not yet have a GTIN (barcode), please first get the GTIN (barcode) at this page.

One Code, All Product Information

2D Barcodes use a digital link within a compact QR code, significantly cutting down on printing costs while enhancing customer interaction with detailed product insights.

These advanced barcodes extend beyond traditional capabilities, serving as portals to multimedia content, connecting customers with videos, websites, and enriched product details. Scanning a 2D barcode with a smartphone unlocks immediate access to a spectrum of information including allergens, nutritional facts, recycling protocols, and sustainability efforts, all through the innovative 2D digital link.

Their versatility is a real game-changer for retail environments, streamlining processes from point-of-sale transactions to inventory management, and simplifying the complexities of product recalls and supply chain logistics. This enables consumers to gain extensive insights into products and brands, facilitating a move towards more streamlined, information-rich packaging. Say goodbye to cluttered packaging!

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What’s the difference?

Traditional linear barcodes, whether EAN or UPC, encode only the GTIN, representing the item with a 12 or 13-digit number.

Conversely, when a 2D Barcode is scanned at the Point of Sale (POS), it mirrors the conventional barcode’s functionality but goes a step further when accessed by a smartphone. It becomes a gateway to detailed product information or a bespoke brand webpage. The 2D code can link consumers to not just basic product details but also to a broad array of online resources and rich content, thereby enriching the consumer experience.

To fully grasp the advantages and applications of 2D Barcodes, watch our informative videos.

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