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Code 128 and Code 39

If you need barcodes for asset labelling (internal stock monitoring), membership cards, or library books, then Code 128 and Code 39 are the best types of bar code to use. You can order your barcodes below:

IMPORTANT: when ordering, please let us know the type of Code you require (either Code 128 or Code 39), and the data you want encoded into it. After we receive your order, we will email your barcodes to you in 5 different formats (jpeg, eps, tiff, bmp & eps).

  • Code 128 or Code 39 Barcode Image

    Purchase the quantity you want, and then email us the data you want encoded in the barcodes (or enter it into the “additional information” section when paying). We will send the barcode images to you in 5 different formats (jpeg, tiff, pdf, eps, bmp).

    Quantity Price per image (HKD)
    1 $ 190.00 HK$
    2 $ 140.00 HK$ each
    3 $ 100.00 HK$ each
    4 + $ 80.00 HK$ each
    10 + $ 40.00 HK$ each
    20 + $ 25.00 HK$ each
    50 + $ 12.00 HK$ each



The Difference Between Code 128 and Code 39:Code 39

The difference between the two types of codes is that Code 39 has a lower data density (therefore it is better for labelling small items), however it can only encode numeric data (Code 128 is able to encode alpha-numeric data).

Code 128

Most barcode scanners can read both types of code (although some scanners may only be able to decode numeric data, not alpha-numeric data).