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We are an authentic service

  • Verifiable barcode numbers.
  • Accepted by more retailers in the¬†Worldwide than any other barcode retailer
  • Barcodes that meet international standards
  • Barcode Registration is complimentary with barcode packages.


Barcodes you own for life.

  • One off cost. You don’t keep paying
  • We include the barcode number, the images, a guarantee and barcode registration
  • Lifetime ownership of purchased barcodes

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  • Quick to respond to enquiries
  • Great ongoing support
  • immediate delivery of barcode, or next morning at the latest (for non-standard orders)

Why people chose us

Beeleaf-bars Photo 'Lol your automation makes it ridiculously fast Thanks!' - George at Beeleaf-bars
Lil Nika Photo 'Thanks so much for a wonderful service. I was approached by a large provider and they wanted to charge me hkd 7600 for 1000 barcodes, and as a startup company with only 1 product to sell in order to test the market, this is a really high cost! Thanks again, your company is a great service to start-ups, one less obstacle for us to overcome.'- Akin at Lil Nika
Promo Foods Photo 'Thanks for your e-mail & quick service! We do appreciate it'-- Sophie at Promo Foods
'Hi David, I just wanted to say, thank you for great fast service! We will be in touch in the future. Many thanks'- Carly
'Thank you very much for the quick service. I received it Friday. Have a great day!'- Nimali
'Thank you for your email and prompt attention to my barcode order. Fantastic!'- Jane