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Barcodes for Magazines

Most magazines and other periodical publications use ISSN numbers (which are turned into barcodes).

Information on how to get ISSN numbers can be found here.

After you have your ISSN, please come back here to purchase the barcode images for your number:

Note – these can be used worldwide

  • ISSN Barcode ImagesISSN barcode

    ISSN-13 barcode images for your magazine (enter your ISSN number into the “additional information” section when checking out. We will use your ISSN to create your barcode images).

    Quantity Price per image (HKD)
    1 $ 190.00 HK$
    2 $ 140.00 HK$ each
    3 $ 100.00 HK$ each
    4 + $ 80.00 HK$ each
    10 + $ 40.00 HK$ each
    20 + $ 25.00 HK$ each
    50 + $ 12.00 HK$ each

Below are some of the magazines that we have created ISSN barcode images for:

Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes

How to use your ISSN barcode:

ISSN barcode example


After we receive your order, we will use your ISSN to make your EAN-13 barcode images. You will receive an email containing your barcode images in several different formats (jpeg, pdf, eps, bmp & tiff).

NOTE: Let us know if you want your barcode to have a supplement number at the end (EAN-13+2 format) like in the example below, to represent the issue number of the magazine (this is optional):

ISSN barcode



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