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TWGHs JC Ngai Chun Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre use our EAN-13 barcodes on their TWGHs iMask.

承蒙東華三院辛酉年主席暨嘉華國際集團有限公司主席呂志和博士透過其「嘉華國際抗疫基金」捐助370萬港元用作啟動基金,為賽馬會藝進綜合職業復康中心成立口罩生產線,除提供穩定口罩供應外,亦可提供培訓機會予殘疾人士協助口罩生產運作。中心內的無塵工場於2020年6月落成,並獲得ISO 14644-1 Class 8証書。口罩生產線於2020年8月正式投產,供應口罩予東華三院內部服務單位及向其他非牟利機構提供訂購服務。


iMask 口罩現已公開發售
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Dr. Lu Chi Wo, Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Chairman of Ka Wah International Group Limited, donated HK$3.7 million as a start-up fund through his “Ka Wah International Anti-epidemic Fund” to set up a mask production line for the Jockey Club Art Progressive Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, which, in addition to providing a stable supply of masks, can also provide training opportunities for people with disabilities to assist in the production and operation of masks. The dustless workshop in the center was inaugurated in June 2020 and received the ISO 14644-1 Class 8 documentation. The mask production line was officially put into production in August 2020 to supply masks to the internal service units of the Tung Wah Hospitals and to provide ordering services to other non-profit-making organizations.