Belachica specialises in tween products and accessories, is the perfect one-stop-shop for all things girly and fun. Adkidz believes that ‘Every girl is special’ and celebrates every girls own personal style. The online store sells a wide range of bags and backpacks, stationery, back to school supplies, hair accessories, room decor, clothes and lots more. Adkidz products always have a sprinkle of sparkle and shine, ensuring  you’ll definitely find something you’ll love, at prices you’ll love.

We found Barcodes Ltd on a google search. The prices were good and fast delivery and seemed reliable. We first started selling without barcodes.  We will be selling to Bookazine. Also we sell on amazon and Zalora and Etsy as well as our website. We havent had any problems with barcodes and we would recommend Barcodes Ltd.

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