Products using our barcodes

Our EAN-13 barcodes are standard retail barcodes that suitable for use on any retail product. Our customers are using their barcodes on the following products:

Food & Drink Products – beers such as Black Kite Brewery,   Gweilo Beer and Kowloon Bay Brewery, bottled water, check out the delicious cookies from Mr Rich Bakery, drinks, health products such as Protelicious, specialty foods, ice-cream, delicous teas by Tea Loft & Co, marinades, etc

Gift-ware – greeting cards, souvenirs, diaries, videos, photographs, artwork, coupons & vouchers

Books & Magazines

CDs & DVDs – music CDs, language CDs

Other Products – software, phone and tablet protective cases such as Otterbox, computer games such as EastasiaSoft, health products such as Elite Natural HK,  safety equipment, body-care products such as Awake, pharmaceuticals distributed by Rich Plan International,

See some examples of our barcodes being used on Amazon: music album, baby t-shirt, & toy shed.


Some CDs & DVDs that are using our barcodes:

Examples of CDs that are using our barcodes


Some Magazines we have created ISSN barcodes for:

Examples of Magazines using our Barcodes


Some Books that we have created ISBN barcodes for:

Examples of Books that we have created ISBN barcode images for


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